How to apply mascara: 5 tips for a perfect result

Applying mascara to perfection:

a recipe for the right makeup

The difference between dreamy eyes and simple makeup is exactly how to apply mascara.

Let’s take a look at the winning steps and tips for having natural eyelashes!


Using an eyebrow brush with strong bristles, we remove lumps that form between the eyebrows due to things that do not remove eye makeup, or due to the excessive production of eye drops that occur at night.

2. Bend the eyebrows

We are talking about this amazing metal ring that looks like a charger and which, instead of being a torture device, is a precious joint for an irresistible look.

If your eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, you can’t do it without it.

When you connect the lashes and before applying the mascara, gently apply it to the wrong line, taking care so that they all press gently for about 10 seconds.

Repeat this process 4 to 5 times per eye, moving from time to time, to the tip of the eye, for a well-defined result!

3. Prepare and protect

Before proceeding with the makeup, the eyebrows must be prepared and protected.

The use of eyelashes is good:

volume, extension, treatment and protection.

Just take a small amount of product and spread it in horizontal upward strokes along the entire length of the eyelashes.

4. Take the product

If you feel like you’re not applying mascara properly, it’s probably because you’re not picking it up properly.

Improper removal of the product can create a paste on the eyelashes that only has the effect of making our mascara dry quickly.

How to remove mascara properly?

We collect the right product:

to do this, we remove the grass by turning it sideways against the inner wall.

Be careful not to go in and out of the mascara brush several times:

this method only leaves air in the bag, which makes the product dry.

If you find that you have taken too much product, use the meat to quickly remove it.

Once you have collected the necessary funds, you can proceed to the next step!

5. Apply MASCARA

Now we come to the main step.

How to apply mascara?

Approach the mirror, hold or up and raise the upper eyelid slightly.

Here, bring the object closer to the negative line.

Start at the base, add grass and work your way up.

Repeat this movement a second time, focusing on the hair, pushing the lashes up as if to lift them.

With many brushes it is difficult to reach the lashes of the outer and inner corners: in this case the advice is to extend the mascara at 90 degrees or to the right.

To apply mascara tips to the lower lashes, use the tip of the brush, which is small and easy to guide straight.

How to apply mascara: tips and tricks

For bigger eyes, after applying black mascara to all lashes and before waiting for the product to dry completely, apply blue mascara twice only to the tip of the lashes (if dark eyes) or burgundy (if if the eye is light). ).

Some mascara formulas can create unpleasant results.

No fear! Get a clean brush  and move it to the lashes, from the tip to the tip, turning it a little.

(you can wash the old one with soap and neutral water)

With this little trick, when the mascara is still wet, lumps will be removed and the eyelashes will be separated properly.

What to do when you apply mascara

Be careful not to create too many layers on the surface, which increases the risk of the mascara erasing or creating a bad shape.

A very important thing for mascara tips:

do not share your mascara with anyone, because it is only a cosmetic that cannot be done with it and through the eyes it is possible to transmit and cause many diseases!

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